Code of Conduct

This site has been created to facilitate inter-institute interactions between students and faculty, and ultimately to achieve the networking potential of A-League colleges. Please use it as a platform to view/post information regarding upcoming events, internships or as a forum to discuss ways to enhance inter-institute events and interactions.
However, please DO NOT post any content that could be considered negative or offensive in nature, this would include and is not limited to; explicit language, materials such as flaming, personal attacks that are deemed offensive to this pages’ standards. It will not be tolerated and you will be blocked and or deleted permanently. Further, A-League reserves the right to block or ban any individual or organization who violates the terms laid out on this page against explicit language, materials or content not suitable to the pages’ standards. A-League also reserves the right to permanently block or ban “without notice or warning” any individual who repeatedly violates any or all of the above said terms.